Sebastopol Geese

OriginSevestopol along the Black Sea
Year Recognized1938
PurposeOrnamental, exhibition, pet
Eggs25-35 large white eggs per year
VarietiesWhite with blue eyes is the only recognized variety, although they can come in variety of shades of blue, grey, lavender, buff etc
SizeMedium Goose 4.5-6 kg Gander 5.7-7 kg
AvailabilityStraight Run Day Old Goslings $75
StrengthsQuiet, calm, stunning birds with beautful flowing, curled feathers. Unable to fly. Good foragers. May come in smooth or curly chested. Winter hardy and easy to care for. Exceptional parents to goslings.
ChallengesChallenging to hatch.

This medium sized ornamental bird is absolutely breathtaking to see in person. The long, curled feathers trail behind and they move like ballerinas. They are the equivalent of a “frizzle” chicken in the goose world. This bird has been prized for its beauty and ornamental qualities since it was first developed along the Danube river and Black Sea. There is nothing quite like it! They generally a gentle, peaceful bird with exceptional parenting skills with both genders nurturing the young, even if they did not hatch them themselves.

Our Stock
We have a large flock of both pure white and colour carriers. Our flock consists of both smooth and curly chested birds. The quality of feathers is best preserved when smooth x curly birds are mated. Much less “frazzle” chickens, breeding too much curly x curly can result in feather quality problems. We are very excited to be seeing some exciting colours popping up this year!

We offer a limited number of day old straight run goslings for $75 each. Please inquire about mature breeding stock as we may have a few pairs available in the fall.