In the day to day operations of our ranch we strive to:

  • Produce wholesome, nutritious foods we feel comfortable serving to our own family.
  • Live a lifestyle that is rewarding, fulfilling and doing what we love while striving to be more self-sufficient.
  • Using our knowledge and experience to contribute in a meaningful way to our family, community and the agricultural industry.
  • Support local agriculture and small family farms by eating locally grown, fresh foods.
  • Raise animals in a biologically appropriate manner by providing proper nutrition, housing, preventative health care, social and mental stimulation.
  • Provide quality of life, respect, humane care, and appropriate health care to all animals from birth through finishing including a humane, respectful death.
  • Design breeding programs generations in advance to ensure a mindful, purposeful improvement of subsequent generations thereby improving the breed.
  • Preserve and promote rare and heritage breeds in Canada thereby improving genetic diversity.
  • Plan farm activities to ensure minimal environmental impact.
    • We have an Environmental Farm Plan in place on our farm.
    • Our entire property bordering the river has been fenced to preserve riparian areas.
    • We minimize use of chemicals whenever possible. With the exception of 20 acres our entire 1/2 section has been chemical free for over 50 years.
  • Represent our products and animals in honestly and accurately.
  • Provide guidance, information and assistance to newcomers in the industry to ensure they get off to a good start. All of our customers are provided with lifelong breeder support and mentorship.
  • Promote the agriculture to youth – the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Sadly, youth have become quite distanced from the food they consume in recent generations. Through education we can help kids realize where the milk, meat, eggs and produce they consume comes from, forging a stronger connection to the land, agriculture and their own nutrition.

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