Partridge Chantecler

Year Recognized1935
PurposeDual – Meat and Eggs
Eggs180 light brown/pinkish tint eggs per year
GrowthSlow – 18 weeks to butcher weight, 20 weeks to egg laying
PlumageTight feathers, rich partridge colouring, yellow skin, red wattles
SizeRooster 8.5 lb Hen 6.5 lb
Availability2022 Straight Run Day Old Chicks – $15 ea
StrengthsExtremely winter hardy, cushion comb is less prone to frostbite, persistent layer throughout cold months, excellent forager.
WeaknessesSlow growing, can be temperamental, difficult to source stock.

Chanteclers were initially developed by agronomist and Trappist monk, Brother Wilfred Chatelain, in Quebec at the outset of the 20th century. The breed was developed as an alternative to the varieties of poultry available from Europe and the United States. The goal was to produce a winter hardy dual purpose bird that would dress cleanly for the table. The white variety was recognized by the APA in 1921. The darker partridge variety was later recognized in 1935 as a more suitable alternative for foraging as the colouring provided some camoflague. This variety was developed in the west and is sometimes called “The Albertan”. This variety was developed using Partridge Wyandotte, Dark Cornish, Brown Leghorn (rose comb variety) and Partridge Cochin influence. The breed dwindled to the point of near extinction in the late 1970s but dedicated breeders have been working hard to preserve the breed.

Our Stock
We added this stunning breed in the spring of 2021 after hatching several batches of eggs, sourced both locally and directly from Quebec. This breed was initially introduced to me by my grandmother. I am so thrilled to be part of conserving a piece of our Canadian agricultural heritage.

I look forward to offering day old straight run chicks in spring of 2022.