Tamara’s Qualifications
Tamara Taylor is the primary herdsperson for the livestock operations. Her qualifications include:
*1998 – Cow/Calf Technician Certificate through Alberta Food and Rural Development Green Certificate Program.
*1996 – Present – Experience competing in dressage and 3-day eventing.
*2000-Present – Experienced in training obedience, clicker training, tracking, musical freestyle, tricks and competing in agility with rescue dogs.
*1996, 1997, 1999 – Represented Alberta at the National Pony Club Quiz.
*1998 – 2009 – Experienced as a volunteer riding instructor for Thompson Country Pony Club, Sundre Pony Club and Little Britches 4-H Club.
*Over 130 hours volunteer large and small animal vet clinic experience.
*First Aid and CPR Certification for both humans and pets.
*Extensive organization of seminars and shows for dogs and miniature horses, including tracking seminars, the Wild Rose Miniature Horse Show 2007 (Olds, AB) and the Miniatures in Motion Horse Show 2007, 2008 (Rocky Mountain House, AB).
*1992-Present – Extensive training in dressage, stadium jumping and cross country from Alberta’s top trainers.
*2000-2004 –  D&S Dogs of Course and the Saskatchewan Agility Association.
*2001 – 2002 – Feeding trials with both swine and poultry at the U of S.
*2003-2004 – Hands-on anatomy and physiology labs on cattle, horses, swine, sheep, chickens and dogs.
*2001 – University of Saskatchewan dairy farm hand.

*2001 – U of S College of Agriculture Ag-Adventures Summer Camp leader promoting agriculture to school-aged children.
*2004 – Graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture majoring in Animal Science with extensive courses in animal behaviour, nutrition, veterinary anatomy, physiology, breeding, genetics, disease, management, applied microbiology, economics and sustainable agriculture.
*2004 – Awarded Speaker’s Conference Award by the U of S College of Agriculture for undergraduate thesis presentation on the use of ultrasound to predict beef carcass quality.
*2003-2004 – Agility Lessons – Kim Anderson and Cheryl Bartlett, P.A., SK.
*April 2004 – Donna McLaughlin Musical Freestyle Seminar, Regina, SK.
*May 2004 – Carol Aitken Tracking Seminar, Saskatoon, SK.
*May 2004 – Carolyn Scott Muscial Freestyle Seminar, Edmonton, AB.
*November 2004 – Pet First Aid Provider Course, Calgary, AB.
*2004-2005 – Saputo Dairy Plant Quality Assurance Lab Technician.
*2004/2005 – Agility Seminars with Kiersten Lloyd, Edmonton, AB.
*April 2005 – Dr. Ian Dunbar Dog Training Instructor Course, Richmond, BC.
*April 2005 – Donna McLaughlin Musical Freestyle Seminar, Red Deer, AB.
*May 2005 – Suzanne Clothier Dog Training Seminar, Regina, SK.
*2005 – Parkland Laboratories as a feed and seed testing Lab Technician.
*June 2006 – Miniature Horse Driving Clinic with Terry Francis, Rimbey, AB.
*Summer 2006 – Dressage and jumping lessons – Shelly Graham, Red Deer, AB.
*August 2006 – Alberta Horse Trials Association Clinic, Red Deer, AB.
*May 2007 – NCCP Coaching Theory/Learn to Teach Seminar,  Edmonton, AB.
*May – August 2007 – Volunteer instructor with Innisfail Youth Goat Club.
*June 2007 – Chelan Kozak Riding Instructor’s Clinic, Rocky Mtn. House, AB.
*July 2007 – Eventing Clinic, Rocky Mtn. House, AB.
*August 2007 – Goats West Seminar, Olds, AB.
*November 2007 – Dairy Goat Judge’s Licensing Clinic, Okotoks, AB.
*January 2008 – Meat Goat Producer Certification via Langston University.
*February 2008 – Dine Alberta Producers Seminar – Strathmore, AB.
*February 2008 – Penn State University Meat Goat Certification Course.
*April 2008 – Alberta Farm Animal Care Conference – Red Deer, AB.
*April 2008 – Mane Event Conference – Red Deer, AB.
*May 2008 – Safe Food Handling Course, Olds, AB.
*August 2008 – Goats West – Hay Lakes, AB.
*September 2008 – Feastival of Fine Chefs, Edmonton, AB.
*January 2009 – Dairy Goat Tour and Cheesemaking Course, ON.
*February 2009 – Ag Choices Seminar, Red Deer, AB.
*February 2009 – Awarded APF Best Practices Award.
*March 2009 – Meat Industry Trade Show and Seminar, Calgary, AB.
*March 2009 – Alberta Farm Animal Care Conference, Red Deer, AB.
*April 2009 – Mane Event Conference, Red Deer, AB.
*June 2009 – Ladies Pasture School, Drayton Valley, AB. *Speaker*
*August 2009 – Alberta Goat Breeder’s Association AGM and “Goat’s West Lite”, Caroline, AB.*Speaker*
*January 2010 – Explore Local Foods, Local Markets, Red Deer, AB.
*January 2010 – Outstanding Young Farmer’s Program, Edmonton, AB. *Finalists*
*February 2010 – Dine Alberta Roundtable, Calgary, AB.
*February 2010 – Expand Local Foods, Parkland Country, AB.
*February 2010 – Ag Choices, Red Deer, AB. *Speaker*
*February 2010 – Creating Value in Value Chains, Red Deer, AB.
*March 2010 – Ag-Food Council Buyer Aware III Forum, Leduc, AB. *Speaker*
*March 2010 – Meat Industry Trade Show, Edmonton, AB.
*March 2010 – AFPA Meat Facility Standards Workshop and Certification, Edmonton, AB.
*March 2010 – AFAC Conference, Red Deer, AB.
*April 2010 – Cows and Creeks, Caroline, AB. *Speaker*
*May 2010 – Emerald Zone Sheep Conference, Springdale, Nfld. *Speaker*
*July 2010 – Bergen Meet Bergen, Bergen, AB. *Speaker*
*July 2010 – Nuffield Scholarship Finalist (top 12 of 60 nationwide)
*February 2011 – Explore Local Markets, Airdrie, AB. *Speaker*
*February 2011 – Expand Local Markets, Didsbury, AB. *Speaker*
*March 2013 – Ravenglen Ayrshires Dairy Barn Hand, Stauffer, AB.
*April 2013 – Mane Event Conference, Red Deer, AB.
*2013 – present – Dressage lessons on PSG schoolmaster with Kim Aasman, Rocky Mountain House, AB.
*2014 – present – Dressage Rider Biomechanics clinics with Lindsay Stroh.
*October 2014 – Mane Event Conference, Chilliwack, BC.
*March 2015 – Equestrian physiotherapy clinic with Sandra Sokoloski.
*April 2015 – Mane Event Conference, Red Deer, AB.
*August 2015 – Bags on Nags, Ram Rides, AB. *Organizer*
*November 2015 – Beef Producer Seminar, Dovercourt, AB.
*March 2016 – AFAC Conference, Olds, AB.
*April 2016 – Mane Event Conference, Red Deer, AB.
*April 2017 – Hakan Wahlman Long Reining Clinic, Olds, AB. (participant)
*June 2017 – preesent – Equus Physiotherapy/Rider Biomechanics Clinic, Rocky Mtn. House, AB.
*September 2017 – Hakan Wahlman Long Reining Clinic, Olds, AB. (auditor)
*September 2019 – full time receptionist at Pioneer Vet Services, Sundre, AB.

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