Call Ducks

Year Recognized1865
PurposeOrnamental, exhibition, pet
Eggs50-150 white eggs per year
VarietiesWhite, black, blue fawn, snowy, apricot, mallard, magpie, bibbed etc
Drake: 0.55-0.7 kg
Duck: 0.45-0.6 kg
AvailabilityStraight Run Day Old Ducklings $20 (pet quality) Show quality will be available in 2022
StrengthsLively, charming and entertaining little friends. Easy to care for, hardy and robust.
ChallengesCan fly so must clip wings or keep in covered pen, very loud voices, short bill and neck make hatching very challenging.

Call ducks were originally bred to lure wild ducks in for hunting. Their voices are remarkably loud for such small creatures! The use of call ducks or “decoy ducks” was eventually banned and replaced with the artificial duck calls that are used today. Now the cheeky little birds are kept by fanciers who enjoy their charming, playful natures and cheeky antics.

Our Stock
We initially sourced pet quality call ducks in the summer of 2020 consisting of a snowy male and apricot, black bibbed and magpie females. Spring 2021 brought a baby boom as all of the little mamas became broody. We also sourced some show quality whites and pastels from Svea Lashmar in BC via hatching eggs.

Pet quality call ducklings are available via straight run in 2021. We hope to offer show quality birds in spring 2022.