Herd Dynamics


We were all shocked by the sudden and unexpected loss of our PRE gelding, Lebrijano. As the days pass we are feeling his absence more and more. Suddenly our herd dynamic has been thrown completely off kilter. We had an even number of equines and everyone was paired up with a compatible buddy with similar metabolic needs. The fat pony pen. The easy keepers. The hard keepers. Suddenly we are one man short. Lebrijano’s “brother” and former-circus-comrade, Vinnie, has been feeling this absence more than anyone. He has been quite reserved and not showing his usual interest in life. I’ve been watching him like a hawk, monitoring his appetite, intake/output and temperature. All systems are operating tip top but he is just not himself. Today we decided to move the Haflinger, Jellybean, in with Vinnie. Vinnie was thrilled to have a new pal! Yippee! But now Jellybean’s former roommate is worrying and whinneying incessantly. Lebrijano’s loss was a real kick to the heart and has thrown our entire peaceful farm atmosphere off balance.